Month: September 2016

Downtown Phoenix Journal Highlights Steve Hanson Polaroid Exhibit

My Polaroid exhibit titled “People, Places + Pop” has been highlighted as exhibits to see for third Friday in September. The exhibit is a celebration of real photographs. In the new era of digital photos, it has been estimated that more photographs are taken each year than the entire history of analogue photography. Tangible photos that […]

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Mushroom Market Expands

The market for medicinal mushrooms in health ingredients continues to grow. Mushrooms have largely been positioned for condition-specific products for immune function and cancer support. Although nutrition industry influencers and natural product practitioners know the health benefits of mushrooms, these benefits have not been realized by mainstream consumers. Instead, U.S. consumers associate mushrooms as something to use […]

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Prebiotics Market Opportunity Grows

Prebiotics are non-digestible ingredients that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system that result in health benefits. It is an area of increased study along with market growth. In this article written for, I discuss the market opportunity and key drivers of market growth. With my role with Prenexus Health, we […]

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